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July 29, 2008


Stephanie T.

Love the t-shirt...love the lego man!
the 'youngest' here has lego starwars on her ds..i crack up every time one gets blasted and falls apart.

alopecia? for real?? that had to be some kickass wine!!

Magpie Ima

I don't know what's better: the t-shirt or the title of the post. The bee ribbon appears to be the narrower version of the trim I put on my daughter's linen pants. I was quite taken with the stuff.


I love your tee! I reserved the book at the library....but the one at our local branch is checked out. (Hmm, wonder who could have it...) And Hibi's thinking about modifying her teeshirt too, as it is also too large, and loves your ideas.

So sorry you didn't win! Next time. We'll come cheer you on again and hopefully that'll do the trick.

Amy Sorensen

OK...LOVE the T. You look lovely AND waif-y. Of course, WE don't have that book in our library, and I am not yet on good enough terms with any of the buyers to say "why don't we have this book in our library?" Eventually, right???


Adorable shirt and v. funny post. That is one naughty Lego.

Augie says "Legos" now, though he pronounces it "layolayos." 'Cause if it's worth saying, it's worth saying twice.

janet o

I so want to be in a spelling bee. i used to LOVE that crap as a kid.

LOVE the shirt.


Very fetching.

My problem with Spelling Bees is that I spell best when I write the word down.


Um, you're never allowed to call yourself " big " or " large " Or "Fat", " routound " or anything of that nature.
You look perfectly normal and thin....and you're drinking wine.
I'm crying in my pregnant hormonal melancholy.
( cute shirt though! )

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