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July 31, 2008



That was a fairly well thought out reply, but I was surprised that his tact was not to change his review, but to remove you from the mailing list.

And, yes, I do think it speaks to a literature based desire. If I were to homeschool, I'd do that, but not in the Sonlight vein.

And, read away Rhys! Good job.


"If you wish, send a customer review of this book that can be appended to the current review on our website."

The fact that he says the above says alot. He values you as a (past?) customer and took the time to write such a well thought out response. I say write your own review, send it back to him and keep us updated.


That he didn't seem overly bothered at losing a customer really jumped out at me more than anything. That he was willing to refer to the ideas you mentioned as ideas that people will either agree with or disagree with also stood out. It's the sort of mentality we see too much of lately where people want to see both sides of a story/situation regardless of whether or not one side is obviously in the wrong.

BlueLikeThe Sky

O.K. I'm really hoping that "portentially worthwhile" is a typo. If not, it's the funniest damn sentence I've ever read, considering.

And I also like the F*k Off tone of the last paragraph.

Stephanie T.

ditto on all of the above...
especially regarding the tone of the last paragraph!
Nice job Rhys!! Seems like he just needed a catalyst to get going...As for us, I must have backpacked 20 pounds of books on our library walk yesterday, most of them on the subject of ocean/freshwater crabs....Hey...I don't care, at least she's reading!

Lori V.

I was just thinking the same thing about "portentially worthwile." As per usual, Blue, we're thinking alike!

Rhys, you're the man!


Burn The Witches!

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