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July 27, 2008



Great post, Molly!

I wish I had an account with Rainbow so I could cancel it too.

Don't worry... if they have your subscription info (which they will, so they can cancel it), they'll know how to get hold of you if they want to.


Yay Molly! I hope for many that it was an editorial oversight and they immediately rectify it.


Oh please do publish their response if they have guts enough to send one!


I agree, I am curious as to their response.


good for you. This reminds me of my favorite Quaker joke, in which our Friend is accosted by a preacher trying to convert him to some flamboyant bible bangin'. The Quaker asks the preacher if his job is not to save poor souls from burning in Hell, and when the preacher affirms this, the Quaker asks why does he not rush hither and get to work?

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