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July 07, 2008



Holy crap, this cracked me up! I have been to so many concerts like this. And my BIL is a musician (one of those schlep your own instruments type), so I feeeeeeel for these bands.

Come on down to Eugene sometime, occasionally you'll see a head bob or two.


we jokingly call holocene "the hollow scene" for this reason.

it is a GREAT gay bar on fridays though.
missin' you guys here.

Stephanie T.

'Crabby Pants' seems to be an epidemic...if not treated, it could be terminal. I believe the origins were in the nouveau-riche, overly botoxed neighorhoods of Silicon Valley...
Crabby Pants...the next pandemic.

i swear, th whole freakin' state is on fire...it's miserable in surf city


Being from the Portland of the South, down here in Chapel Hill NC, this made me laugh. And want to dance and spin and wave my kelpy arms a little bit.

Blue Like the Sky

They all look like they need a good cheeseburger or something!

stephanie T.

i nominated you for a blog award...let's see what THAT does to your stats! LOL


Here in Fort Worth, our indie music scene is the same. And frankly, our bar scene is too.

I go to our local tap house (forget 99 bottles of beer on the wall... they have 65 taps and another 200 bottle varieties in the cooler) and you'd think you were at study hall for how somber everyone is. Entire tables of folks huddled together so quietly, you'd think a Scrabble death match was underway.

Back in my day (old person alert), we'd be playing some kind of drinking game, telling loud stories, dancing on our chairs to the jukebox music - but no, not these hipsters - they are too cool.

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