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June 13, 2008



Oh yes, because that's what Jesus did: stayed away from those filthy sinners and atheists. Kept himself clean and high and righteous. (Oh please.)

I'm a Christian and *I* stay away from Rainbow. But maybe that's because it's too close to home for me.


So... Rousas John Rushdoony is just shy of War and Peace in size?

Summer Aiello

Wow. I am so going to hell according to Mssr. Rushdoony. Er, maybe also according to some other groups and people too...ah damnit. My tolerance is poorly concealed intolerance!!!


I had a dream last night that I ran into Fisher and Rhys somewhere and said hi to them. Fisher had a beard.


Wow. Rushdoony in a general audience homeschooling catalogue? Isn't he like the hard stuff you lock away in the cabinet and bring out only for "special" guests?

Actually, I've wondered if guys like David Barton (think Mr. Rogers in a suit) are actually scarier. Is Barton still selling his *America is Christian* (ahem) history texts by the boatload? To armies of hs footsoldiers for the Lord?

.. Hmm. Maybe they've got a good-cop, bad-cop thing goin' on... ;)

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