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June 10, 2008



Next up: pika!


Cool! We just got some meerkats at the zoo, but we haven't been to see them.

I can see that squirrels would be a never-ending source of material.


I really like meerkats. We used to visit a place called the Living Desert in CA, and Annie and I would sit and watch the meerkat family for hours. They are fascinating. Thanks for sharing this, we loved reading it!

Stephanie T.

Sadly, we are mourning the loss of one, highly talented meerkat...who was turned into roadkill last week. Unfortunately, he missed the lesson 'hazards of reality t.v.'

FYI: my youngest just turned in the lengthy adoption form (available for download off the internet) to bing a tortoise into our home...She is now a turtle/tortoise expert, who is never without her metal lunchbox/briefcase of research on the subject. Considering how long they live, we thought it best to revise our living trust.

Summer Aiello

What a great article. I don't have cable anymore but really loved watching the show on AP when I got the chance. One thing- when you write about the squirrels, please find out why they sit, immobilized with fear while a 2 ton vehicle barrels down upon them. I ran over such a squirrel the other day and refused to feel sadness at his inadequate flight response...

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