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June 29, 2008



I was kind of hoping he'd go with shrub boobs, but I can't pretend it's even a little better.




omg. such brilliance.

Magpie Ima

Love it.



summer Aiello

LOL. I can't disagree with him there. At least you know he's paying attention.

Lori V.

What if there is an Obamatits video out there? You know, to accompany her "whitey" video. :-O

Off the tit topic, but on the Obama one, I've decided that, all things considered ("all" being his "Adoption: The Loving Option" and "NOBama...NO experience...NO presidency" bumper stickers), I probably should refrain from political discussions with one of my tile guys. Only shallow ogling of their male beauty shall I allow myself.

janet o

That is freaking HILARIOUS.


Bwahahahahahahhahahahaa! I LOVE it.

Is this where I admit that titmouse makes me giggle?

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