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May 01, 2008


Amy Sorensen

Hey...I hope tomorrow is a better day. And, I KNOW you have it in you to do all those things. Maybe it's MIA for a bit, but it is there. Hold on!

Stephanie T.

Molly...even the most fierce ninja warriors need a break. Just yourself some slack...
and just let the crap ride.


Whine away! And, know you have our love and support and hugs, and I'll raise a glass of something frothy and alcoholic to you!


we're so on the same page these days - hence my new, private blog. where i spill it all. ahhh, it's helped tons.


It's gotta be the rain....
Virtual hugs- and a btl. of something red.... mmmm... red ....- or is it pink? ;-).!!!

Hang in there friend!

Blue Like the Sky

Try my new cure: freshly squeezed ruby red grapefruit juice and an appropriately adult amount of vodka. Repeat. The vitamin C does wonders.


What made you so feeling so schemeh?

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