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March 06, 2008



Thanks for making the Downfall of our Civilization go down a little easier with chuckles. ;-)


Those may be the first horses ever that my daughter won't be interested in.

Magpie Ima



Yikes. They're kind of ugly, don't you think?

My friend and I used to make clothes for our Breyer horses. We made braided halters out of embroidery floss, with long flowing tassels. I recall at least one of them also had a crocheted skirt.

Blue Like the Sky

Are you sure that's not a pearl necklace?

Jesus! When Small Child was two, and we moved from OR to TX, we stopped at McD's en route because we were slaves to Playland (I'm not proud). That summer, every "girl" HappyMeal contained a miniature Bratz/Ho doll.

That Christmas when the Doll House arrived, Husband slyly remarked to Small Child, "Sweetie, those girls stand OUTSIDE the house, on the corner..."

Now I know what they ride.

Thanks for making my day.


Ohmygaaash! Those are horrible! But hey, if the mothers encourage their daughters to be prosti-tots, they may as well have a slutty horse to complete the dream.


Lori V.

Yeah. Total sluts. I only let a select FEW brush MY tail and play with MY pearl bridle! Heh.

Stephanie T.

Shit! Platforms are 'back'???

(ps...I wonder what the boy horsies look like?)

Amy Sorensen

SERIOUSLY? Suddenly I am glad my daughter is a teenager. A thing I am rarely happy about, so see the magic you worked today??? ;)


Oh my goodness, that's all kinds of wrong, ridden hard and put away wet.

My sister was the horsey gal in our family too, my horse phase was pretty short lived.


Baaaarf. Don't they know that horses are beautiful and wonderful and perfect, just the way they are? Even without the sparkles?

It must be significant that the current crop (heh)of 14-year-old Russian runway models is (are?) always described as "coltish."

I can't remember the names of any of those Breyer horses, though for some reason I feel like I named my Palomino "Palomino." Is that possible?


omg. just, omg. what ever happened to plain, play-with-it toys. all the fun has to be handed to the kid without any chance to figure it out themselves. unfortunatly these look like something my girls will be begging for for xmas. no, i'm not buying them. no, hell no, oh hell no.

i was horse crazy when i was young and still absolutely adore them and miss riding. does it say something, tho, that Malibu Skipper wore hand-made clothes (when she wasn't wearing fig leaves and cactus spines) and rode a lion who wore a saddle? i'm sure that says something about my psychology at the time, but i don't care. =)


Oh ho!
Too revolting and yet, slightly intriguing. The white one looks at me so coyly, I almost want to know more of her story.....
(( seriously tho, in all honesty, I get more enjoyment from reading your blog than the ending editorial in EW magazine. ))

Kiki Wolfie

wow...that just made me throw up in my mouth a little...as if gender-coding wasn't bad enough...


I feel dirty after having seen these. At first, I thought it was a joke...redmolly making fun. Then I realized: It IS a joke. Every single tired toy aimed at my daughter is a joke. A sick, sick joke. Thank heavens she hates the color pink and eschews slutty dolls and role models. I consider my job on earth as mom worthwhile now. At least until the next episode of Hannah Montana.

no. that was a joke. really.


I wonder. Do you think these products, including the Bratz Ho's, are produced unconsciously by closet perverts and, if so, are they male perverts or female perverts or do they act in concert?

Inquiring minds want to know......

Retro Jordan

In overcast conditions the skylight is always blue (clear skies are needed for the pink light) and it is generally much darker, with night falling much more quickly.


how can u think there stupid chinese-looking horses are better than BREYER THE BEST MODEL HORSES SINCE 1950?!?!

Eric Lester

Yo Struts I'm happy for you, and I'ma let you finish...

But "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" Has the best role models for children of all time! Of all TIME!

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