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March 05, 2008


Angie S

Number 4- I am all over that diet! Starting tonight. You so rock my world. Thanks.


I love the ACHOO syndrome. Heh.


ACHOO syndrome, very awesome! And, I'm off to watch the Izzard bit to Legos (did you know he's coming to Seattle in July?)


Love this! And I heart the randomness!


Amy Sorensen

oh my. Just spent two solid minutes giggling---thanks for sharing the Lego bit. Too funny. And I hear you on the job thing. Hey. At least you have some sort of gainful employment, right??? ;)


2. i thot the answer to every question is "the Beatles" or "Karl Marx" or does that only apply to Trivial Pursuit?
6. go Linux!! Linux is awesome! (if only i didn't have to rely on a Linux-phobic husband).

i have done this meme before, and probably will again as soon as i can come up with a few items i haven't yet posted (that will be a stretch).

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