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February 27, 2008



Haha! I think your prepardy routine is fantastic... although the scary math part would give me fits!

Huzzah for Mashed Potato Consumption Queenliness!



Yes, let us! I shall email. We could meet for drinks/comiseration at the hotel bar afterwards? We are doing dinner the night before - any suggestions? Are you free?

And, yes, I am also watching Jeopardy now with a new appreciation. No flash cards yet, but good idea.


Hey, did I tell you that Ken Jennings was Brandon Sanderson's roommate at BYU?

Good luck!


i'll take Things Only I Know for 100$ Alex!

it's latin name means river horse = hippopotamus. also, learn the spelling, unless you already know. i didn't =)
Andorra - woefully undervalued country that will really trip you up. also, Eastern European countries. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andorra

i would love to be on the show, but the math and classic literature would trip me up faster than tied shoelaces.

not-so-silent auctioneer

when you said you had a blog at the auction i got nervous, but you delivered in full style.

PS i have been trying to get on this show for years. i cannot seem to deliver under pressure though. i am the smartest man alive from the comfort of my own living room, but it disappears when i step outside my house.


I somehow know that you are going to ace this audition in which case you MUST let me know when I can watch to cheer you on. I *heart* Jeopardy!

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