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February 23, 2008



Did I ever tell you about the time I tried out for Who Wants to be a Millionaire?


Hey, I got an invitation too, but I haven't gotten the second email followup too (maybe I signed in as Mimi and submitted my real name the second time)

Anway, Dh and I are planning on coming down on Friday, doing dinner out as our anniversary is that Sunday, and spending the night there.

Amy Sorensen

Hey! That's cool. Can't wait to hear how it goes!!!


"Appropriate for television" can be translated as "business casual" or as "casual, but like you have your shit together." For a woman, nice pants plus a beautiful shirt or sweater usually works better than a dress. A skirt that hits mid-calf or lower can also be a good option. Shorter skirts look funny on a game-show-type set.

Wear a blouse or light sweater of a color that looks great on you. No red, black, or white (don't show well on camera); no busy patterns--especially stripes or plaids--because they give cameras fits unless the wearer is perfectly still. Fabric should be loosely draped, especially around armpits, to help you stay cool. Also, anything frilly or otherwise girly will deduct LOTS from your respectability quotient.

Wear nice-looking comfortable shoes with rubber soles. This will help you feel grounded and help you keep breathing. Comfortable shoes will support your body and your attitude; rubber soles and heels will protect you from click-clacking or clomping noises as you walk across the stage floor. (Keens are great.) There's nothing quite like hearing every one of your own steps to throw off your concentration.

Carry some small talisman in a pocket and/or wear a special bit of jewelry to help channel your inspiration.

Most importantly: breathe. And keep breathing.

Can we work in a coaching session before your audition?


Ooh, how exciting!




I don't understand why Trebek's people haven't emailed me yet about my live audition. Maybe I need to turn off my spam filter.


I think any story about crack is always funny. Or you could tell them about that time you watched your boss's house ...

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