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February 06, 2008


Magpie Ima

So now you know why we get all excited about snow here. It's a nice break from the rain and yes even the natives get sick of it. But think how much you'll love the spring!

I think I'm having a similar kind of week in my own way.

Ann Hedonia

Honey, You Know Where To Find Me... in other words, Moz is hiding in your inbox. Good thing he's wearing pants.


I have some things (ribbon stuff) that I made that I've been needing to photograph, and when I saw a little sunshine this morning I dragged out the tripod and got everything set up, but the light kept coming and going. I got one thing photographed and waited for a while, then decided my light wasn't coming back and took everything down. As soon as it was all put away the sun came back out. Grrrr.

I'm reading Wuthering Heights for book club. What a bunch of miserable people. (The characters, I mean, not the book club.)

Pretty kitty pic!

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