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January 07, 2008


Amy Sorensen

OK...I quite literally laughed OUT LOUD at your boys w/ their DSs. So glad to no longer be lonely with my compromised principles! SO glad you didn't lose your little Ella and that everyone made it home safely. Now that it's all over...in about ten years, you'll remember it fondly. (We once got stuck on some mountain pass into California---don't have a clue where, as I was 14 and thinking about boys instead of freeways---and spent the night in a DINER. Sleeping on those plastic, humped seats you find in booths. A miserable night indeed, but it makes me giggle now. It did take me a LONG time to find the humor in it, though!)


That bridge photo is gorgeous! Wow. I'm so glad Ella was okay. Awww.

Lori V.

I'm in with the Compromised Principles Club! A PS3 and Guitar Hero 3 (I take NO responsibility for Call of Duty 4... that was TOTALLY hubby, against ALL my protests) here. :-o

I'm SO happy you found Ella!

Hugs, Pal o' Mine!

Stephanie T.

Poor ya'll! Next time you get stuck DO NOT hesitate to call me!!! We'd have let you camp out here...kitties, demonic DSs and all!!
We took the plunge into PS2 land and Guitar Hero this Christmas too...OMG!! If I'd known how much freakin' fun that thing was I'd have said' screw the principles' LONG ago!! One drawback: I now listen to rock with 'blue, blue blue...red...yellowwwww whammybar' stuck in my brain.
THAT was a vacation to remember!! Glad you're back safe...

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