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January 18, 2008



well, i love your science posts, 'cause it makes me think i am reading something educational without having to go looking for it (just because i'm interested in serious subjects doesnt mean i go looking for them, bad me). the only thing that caught my but... factor was the phrase "most species are believed to have had a lifespan of around 30 years". that's like saying (to pull a mammal out of my hat) that a dogs' lifespan is usually about 13 years. it totally ignores (or glosses over or just averages) the fact that different breeds can have radically different lifespans. some can live to 18, some are considered of advanced age at 8. so to talk about one particular dinosaur and then hold it against "most dinosaurs" just irks me.
anyway, that's my own personal ocd rearing its ugly exactly-precise head. other than that, i love these posts. makes me feel like i'm still learning something, and it's something i can share with the kids. =)


That's a great point, azureavian. I've been trying to find some more specific information on dinosaur lifespans, and not coming up with a whole lot. I'm seeing everything from the completely unhelpful "Dinosaur lifespans probably varied from tens of years to hundreds of years" to the similarly unhelpful "Now, this dinosaur's lifespan is said to be from 140 to 84 Ma" from a creationist website (I think he means "this dinosaur is said to have lived..," not "this dinosaur's lifespan is said to be...").

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