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November 05, 2007


Amy Sorensen

Haley went through a re-reading phase. It freaked me out a little until I remembered that sometimes I do the same thing every once in awhile. I got her reading new things by taking her on a Mom&Haley night to the bookstore. Jake really likes Nancy Farmer's books; he's totally into her new series (Sea of Trolls and Land of Silver Apples). They're a little harder than Harry P., but not much.

And, yes, I would certainly read and definitely comment on your creativity post!

Cute costumes!


Maybe he'd like Alcatraz versus the Evil Librarians.


I re-read too. Especially "Go Dog, Go"

Cool costumes. A lego, right? ;)


I love to re-read. I just moved through the Fire and Ice series in anticipation of the next one.....I allow George R. R. Martin the time though, I want it to be just as yummy quality as the four previous.
Maybe truck him down to the library and have him select titles at total random in different sections? I used to love games like that and it could expose him to some new stuff...

Lori V.

How funny, Molly... Youngest almost went as a Lego for Halloween. We settled on a mime. Middle was a woman (a mighty effective one, too... he always was a pretty thing). Heh.

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