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November 29, 2007



They would never give you a real homeschooler badge to begin with. You are, however, certainly entitled to the Evolved Homeschooler Badge. Help yourself at

I'm ignoring any implied connection you might have been making between homeschoolers drinking the Ron Paul Kool-Aid and myself ;)


I must admit I laughed at the dream. That's quite detailed.


Ha ha ha, Chris. I understand & respect that you have valid non-homeschooling-related ideological reasons for drinking the Ron Paul Kool-Aid. ;)

And Helena: yeah, I'd laugh if someone else told me they'd had such a dopey nightmare, too. But you don't know how scary the concrete-block classrooms at First Baptist Church can really be...


Thanks for stopping by my page! :)

I know when I started homeschooling I was quite surprised by the venom with which some families discussed anyone who didn't do things exactly as they did. Shocked would be a better word. Because part of the reason I started homeschooling was that I didn't like the forced conformity and intolerance of the public schools I have had dealings with. And it seemed like I was entering a world of the exact same thing.

Thank goodness for the internet because I learned that not all homeschooling families are quite so militant about their positions. I found that my son and I will *never* fit in with any homeschooling groups here in West Virginia because we don't #1. Hate public school kids and want to make fun of their parents or #2. Teach creationism. But, we still find lots of people to connect with that just happen to live somewhere else...so it's all good :)

Great post, btw. Although your dream has me a bit scared to turn off the lights :-p


I suspect that Mrs. Edwards has some other things on her mind than worrying about offending homeschoolers. I heard her talk a while back when she announced their decision to pull the kids out, and it was very matter-of-fact, no fanfare, just, you know, this is our reality, this is what works for us. I've said before that if she could run personally, she'd probably have my vote. In the meantime, I've signed a "bring back Al" petition, and taken a few tentative sips of the Ron Paul Kool-aid.
Perhaps the world would be a better place if only someone would officially sanction a curriculum based on Legos. Parents would relax, secure in their knowledge that the kids are doing REAL schoolwork. And the kids... well, you know, you put them in a room with a bunch of Legos, and it's magic.

Lori V.

Rock on, Pal o' Mine! You forgot to add this in the "Biting Social Commentary, Sorta" Category. :-)

Big Hugs from the Big Hair, Big Truck, Big Red State!

Mrs. C

I have two children in public school and two are homeschooled. So I can't see that I'd be rabidly "anti-public school;" however, I think Mrs. Edwards is really just doing public school at home with a tutor and it really IS a bit of a stretch to call it "homeschooling." I mean, yeah, it's school, and it's at home, but that's about as far as it goes.

The Edwards family has plenty of money and they can do whatever they want with it. Cool for them, but bet you if Edwards ever got to be President he wouldn't vote for us po' folks to have vouchers, school choice, or even a choice of whether we want to send our children to school at all.

And also... bet you they would NEVER send their children to DC public schools. The Clintons sure didn't. I hear too much from the "left" (if you will) about universal preschool, more money for public schools, more testing blah blah. And I hear too much from the "right" (if you will) about the merits of NCLB and how vouchers are gonna fix everything, but no real workable system in place to implement them, where that money is coming from, and what they're going to do with this vast infastructure we call the public school system.

Mrs. Edwards has the money and who could blame her for hiring a tutor and not teaching her children herself while she is battling cancer? But if you re-read the last part of article she says she has a great education but she's not "qualified" to teach her own children. Is she implying we shouldn't be educating OUR children without the proper state certification?? Maybe I *am* reading too much into the statement and grant you, her HUSBAND is the candidate. But none of the Democratic nominees for President strike me as terribly homeschool-friendly.

I wouldn't expect her unqualified support of ALL homeschoolers (NONE of us is that nuts!!), I would think she could say SOMETHING that would qualify as a statement of support. It couldn't have killed her to say something like, "Most homeschool families do a great job and I'm glad it's an option here in America."

After all, it's the homeschoolers who have lobbied for laws that make HER childrens' tutoring situation possible. (Or homeschooling, or whatever you want to call it.)


(Just to be ornery, I think the Edwardses are hs'ing one boy and one girl.)

I read the article the other week and didn't get past getting woozy at the idea of a completely outfitted hs'ing room in a separate building. In my dreams...

(My husband elbowed me in the eye the other night. Is there a full moon or something?)

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