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November 20, 2007



You know, I live surrounded by books - I read on the treadmill, while reading, while riding in the car, and would read while driving if I could finagle it. Yet, I have a voracious reader, and a reluctant reader. HOWEVER, I think that they both understand and relate to words well. And, that always tests well.

You go, mom!

Amy Sorensen

Hmmmm. What made me shake my head in disgust at that article was that guy who suggested that "reading on the Internet" makes up for not reading books. Oh please.

One of my never-to-be-forgotten moments when I was teaching came the first day after Christmas break. I thought it'd be cool to ask my students to talk about what books they'd gotten for Christmas (because in my worldview, Christmas without new books would be worse than Christmas without Santa Claus). They ALL looked at me with blank expressions, and then someone asked "who gets BOOKS for Christmas?" I was astounded! But apparently there really are people who exist without books, disturbing as that is. I just do NOT understand how adults cannot fathom the importance of reading. Even if you're not a reader, you should still understand it's important for your kids to be readers---and buy them some effing books from the Scholastic flyer or SOMETHING.

Oooops. Guess you hit a nerve! Let's end it with: I share your disgust.


We haven't read elephant and piggie. I'll look for them!

I *used* to be able to read in the car. Alas.


who *doesn't* get books for Christmas?!?!?!
i have a voracious (but only currently Manga) reader, a reluctant reader (also only wants Manga, sigh), and a "i'm reading everything in sight, except just really pretending cause i can't understand all the words i can read yet". tho, for a 1st grader, she can read an amazing amount. i despaired of the public school system to teach her that young, but i guess we lucked out. the flaky brainless-seeming teacher actually excelled at teaching 5 year olds to read and love it.
you know me tho, have kids who don't *read*? that's like saying, well, something so unthinkable i can't think of it right now.


Fewer than 10 books! That's just crazy! Our house sounds like your's, books everywhere. We're constantly reading, or talking about reading, or thinking about reading...

I feel sorry for those who don't get that.

Lori V.

Less than ten books?!?!? That's a month's supply here... but all my readers are pretty reluctant readers, except Middle, who is turning on to Stephen King & Dean Koontz.

BTW, did you notice, while searching the Dickipedia, that George Bush is conspicuously missing a page of his own? WTF!

Stephanie T.

oh my gawd...don't EVEN get me started on this! it's one of the main reasons i left teaching and the whole testing crap issue is a BIG reason for leaving elementary ed. as an administrator...
all i can say is AMEN SISTER!!

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