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October 05, 2007



Well, at least "friend" isn't dangerous. My 5 month old ragdoll is obsessed with disposable razors, and will do anything to get into the bathroom to steal one. I absolutely freak when I see him streaking through the house with the RAZOR part in his mouth, and the handle pointing out like a sword.


Chenielle sticks?????? That's all kinds of wrong.


That sounds so cute!

Magpie Ima

Our cat has a thing for drinking straws. They absolutely send him round the bend.


we had a fetching kitty, too. His prize was a crumpled up piece of paper (truth be told, he preferred legal sized and yellow, go figure). however, he liked to play at night as well, so he would get his paper ball and rop it on my chest, I would sleepily throw it... and I think you can do the math. Eventually I took to putting the paperball in my pillow case to close the game down. And slept on noisy pillows a lot.


Marge's favorite toy is anything valuable/useful and metal. Once, it was my gold hoop earring (happily since recovered). Another time, it was the Ikea tool, stolen and hidden in the midst of Joe setting up our crib.

And "Toy" is a fine name. One of Augie's favorite toys is named "Toy-Toy."

"Mr. Toy-Toy" if you're Nasty.

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