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October 23, 2007



***I mean, I'm at least as cranky and pessimistic as the next person... but it wouldn't occur to me in a million years to actually go after and attack someone whom I don't even know.***

that's because you are actually ::gasp, shock:: a normal, intelligent, thinking individual instead of a mindless celebrity gossip-focused bimbo. or, you know, you just haven't met the right asshole yet. =)


So get this- Caden actually got the V-smile for baby for his First birthday and he played it Once. ONCE. He didn't get it, it was boring to him and since I Wasn't going to sit there and play it with him becuase it bored me too, it never got used. Now it's going up on Ebay along with the completely unused Leap Frog Learning system for that age group to. It's still in the box.


Every time I see an ad for V Smile Baby, I can't believe my eyes. I mean, really, could there be anything less developmentally appropriate? Except maybe Tickle Me Ken Doll.

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