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October 13, 2007



Wow...oh, wow....

So here we go arresting the mom and the boy, yet we fail to look at the real issue here and do something about it.

Why should any person, at any age, have to deal with the environment around them being so hateful and negative? Why should people be in such fear and insecurity, that they go around intimidating others?

Where are the parents of the bullies? Shouldn't they have been teaching those kids to RESPECT and not fear the world and others? Almost every negative action and reaction is based on fear - anger is fear, only on a much higher level.

When you can respect someone for their pure existence, even if their own strange ways of living do not mesh with your life choices, you take the fear out the situation. You can't fear someone you respect and they can't fear someone who respects them.

Doesn't mean you have to like them, or talk to them, or even share their options, but if they aren't killing people, lying, stealing or intentionally hurting others in any manner, then at the very least....we shoudn't fear them.

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