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October 14, 2007


Lori V.

OMG, Molly... I haven't even gotten to the end of this, so I'll prob. comment twice, but how sad is it that Flower died? I most definitely would NOT want to be reincarnated as a meerkat... it's a brutal life... damn!

Jennifer Lynn


I bet you could flip the weathergirl one... something like Kalamazoo Knudsen....


Or for the weathergirl one: Singer San Francisco? For me (along with KKC and SSF): Whittock Washington, which is actually pretty great.

Nothing Sequoia is really a fantastic name. It made me laugh. Mine would be Applecake Oak, which is far less poetical. Ditto my soap opera name: Frances Chowchilla. Not glamorous.

Stephanie T.

The good part: this was hysterical!
The sad part: As a child of the whole 60's thing, many of these names have already been taken.
The good part: Since most of us are old and crusty by now, you can still use Spike Voyager and Nothing Sequoia (Laurel Birch and April Shauer are still alive and kickin')

I mean really...where did you think 'Earthmother_ came from???

m i c h e l l e

GAWD I love this one! I gotta try it!


ok, be on the lookout for mine! heheee

molly jones

too funny! I think my best was my stripper name Orange Blossom Godiva lol!

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