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October 02, 2007


Deb C

How beautiful. Thank you for sharing. My cat doesn't quite qualify as "spasmo," but he does have only one eye and has difficulty chewing due to a misaligned bite, perhaps from being kicked as a kitten or worse by being hit by a car. Anyway, my daughter found him as a young kitten and saved him from certain death. He is, without a doubt, one of the most precious gifts we have ever received.


Aww, sweet kitty. Good to know!

We have a friend who named her cat Cymru but pronounced it "Simree." Drove DH nuts.


Oh lord. I'm not a cat person, but when Charley spoons the other cat, I lost it.

m i c h e l l e

Oh I'm so happy I took the time to feed our sweet kitties this morning! I am SUCH a cat person/softie and this just absolutely brought tears to my eyes...especially the spooning! GAK! That's SO friggin' sweet! Thanks for sharing...

And the new banner is GOR-geous! :-)

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