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September 25, 2007



Wonderful Molly! I have to admit that I skipped a track for a song or two just because I didn't want double of the same artist, but the chance aspect can make it more fun/funny. If I were picking things intentionally the list would have been different, but I think it turned out ok ("Superstition" ending up as the "Break Up Song" was oddly appropriate, just like "Gone" for the "Funeral Song").

Thanks for passing this along though; you definitely have a more varied taste in music than I do, although I would quite like to know who was the clepto that stole sexy and the details of why it had to be returned to us, hah.


And I love the new banner by the way... very nice!


I did that before, it is amazing how appropriate some of the songs - death song "In the Belly of the Whale" anyone?


Damn I'm in a crunch. To reply to your comment on my blog, I Love ya' for using OpenOffice. WAY points. Good stuff.

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