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September 20, 2007



Hey, I'm 18 months into writing my book. I have 1.5 to maybe 2 chapters done.

Stephanie T.

Hey Molly...Thanks for sharing this. I posted the link on my blog this morning...I'm at a loss for words.
I used to write poetry and draw pictures on my walls as a kid...man did I get in deep kimchee for that! My mother was an artist...no doubt there was a bit of cognitive dissonance lurking there!
Waiting to see posts of your fairy journal creation!!


Chris: what's your book about?

Stephanie: Jim's going out of town Sunday and I'm going to fairy-ize then. Really, I am!


my parents allowed me to write on the walls as a kid, even tho we lived in a rental. they figured that the walls were going to be painted when we moved anyway..
had my entire geneology up there as far back as i could get. and pictures that the spackle made in the wall. the ridges and shapes the spackle make made dragons and elves and funny faced men. they kept me company when it was dark, and sometimes the light shone at an angle thru the window so the men were only there at night. i drew them in from memory during the day.
good times..

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