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June 26, 2007



Thanks for joining in! I promise I'll lay off the massive meme-tagging for a bit too.


Blast you, Molly. Er, I mean thank you. You're the third TB tag for me too, so I suppose I'll have to answer the meme now (though am I the only one who finds that little person on the logo creepy?). Since we live on a farm and the warm sunny season up here (six hours north of the US border) is pretty short, my blogging (writing AND reading) gets sporadic beginning in the spring. Plus the kids' various activities, thankfully coming to a close this week, and some other projects.

I do have a couple of science posts in the pipeline, though. And now that pesky TB meme (seriously, thanks for the mention)!

Jen Adams Donnelly

Actually, I heard Jimmy Neutron's rendition of, "Think, Think!" which is always followed with, "Brainblast!" Either way, I watch too much kids tv.


I got it! I got it. I read it and thought "Fink, fink, fink." And we were just talking (mom and I) about how Fisher would see a Dinah paw print and say "Loot! A ccllooooo!"

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