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May 22, 2007



Hey, happy birthday Jim! And, congrats on bringing the wine at the exact correct time.


An aspiring pseudonym? But Molly Newman is such a great name!

Lori V.

Celine Dion? I never would have pictured that...huh!


Hahaha--Herm, you're going to lose some friends over that Celine Dion remark unless you are careful.


OMG I love Celine!!!!!1111!! She is soooo pretty and she's a totally good dancer and she just sings the best songs Evar!

Seriously, you should see this shirt. Celine looks all emo & stuff on it. I love the reactions it garners...


Whenever I think of Celine D., I think of her wedding pictures--possibly because of all the E! shows that feature them--and they are troooly bizarre. Google 'em. She looks like a very slender man dressed as the Snow Queen.


homicide's a good show, but Baltimore is not really like that for most of us.

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