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April 30, 2007


Lori V.

Regarding the mush-brain syndrome and Jacques Barzun's book, I'm pretty much that way with all nonfiction stuff now. My excuse is that I'm such a nosy-ass that I want to remember every factoid presented in the book and, therefore, have to re-read each interesting sentence or paragraph two or three times. (But now I'm really thinking that too much Survivor has limited my capacity for long-term concentration.)


must steal this and post on journal. will have to excessively change it around, as i am not a metal head and dont write Bubs stuff for him. =) watch for it.


Phoebe Ranunculus, to go with Rhys Pantagruel? ;)


Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Fish-er...
Happy birthday to you.

And, of course, to Karen Neal...

Lori V.

Hey! This is a nifty Random Thirty, but it doesn't take 3 days to read... entertain me, Molly! ;-)

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