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March 27, 2007



"I'm always afraid people I only know from doing things like the blog or the radio show are going to be horribly disappointed upon actually meeting me."

I feel the same way; either they're going to be disappointed or surprised that I'm not nearly as irate in person as I am online.

Amy Sorensen

I am so with you on the mashed potatoes. And on #7---I think Jake would have been a hair-holder if I'd let him but HOLY COW that annoys me!


My hubby might have seen that same show.

And, as to #8, I've met you and lived to tell the tale of the awesomeness that is Molly!

Lori V.

Molly... I make my mashed potatoes with mayo to make them creamy, and they are sinfully delicious! As a potato conoisseur, you should try it sometime!

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