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July 29, 2005



Oh my gosh, Molly, I didn't see that coming at all! Happy birthday indeed, Kerri Joy. You honor her memory well.

Also, I read your entries and have decided that except for the "pot smokin'" part, you must be my younger Evil Twin! Veteran of Debate and Forensics, high school AND college, and in trouble with the principal for my creative editorials. Sigh.
Those were the days.

Jen G

Oh Molly, what an ending. Happy Birthday Kerri Joy.

I have lurked around for a couple of months here but do not think I have commented before, maybe once. I was working my way through the story just to post about Aca-Dec. I can not believe there are others who survived! I was there, too, but I doubt we competed directly at state since I am 3 years older. I remember those study days and weekends (was this a volunteer activity...)

So much info shoved in the brain. We won county both years (I was Captain as a senior, yeah serious geek-age). good times, seriously.

Have a good weekend.


May her Memory be Eternal, I'm so sorry, Molly. Happy Birthday, Kerri Joy!

Kelly Edgerton

Molly, this is a lovely tribute to a person who sounds like a wonderful friend. Happy birthday Kerri Joy!

Nancy Nally (ScrapNancy)

Thank you for sharing your memories of your friend with us to honor her birthday. May she live on forever that way....((hugs))

Dan Scott

Still a sad tragedy that this beautiful, freewheeling, lovely soul is gone.


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