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May 24, 2005



It's OK, Molly, I don't turn up, either. I never have. When I Google my name, I find a lot of stuff that has nothing to do with me...except for a single archived post to a Madeleine L'Engle Listserv from almost 10 years ago. We are cool beings, Miss Molly, but accursed to forever shine our coolness in the darkness of Google neglect. Sigh.


I've done my part. I've recommended your URL to Google. Now it rests in the hands of the crescent moon, or whatever.

stephanie thiel

Red...it's the off season here. they're all at Starbuck's sipping Fraps. Give 'em time.


Give it time, babe, you just started from what I can tell. I've been up for almost two years and now get over a hundred Google hits a day. Mostly for pictures but sometimes some truely odd and obscene stuff. I'll reciprocate your link before the week's up, promise.

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