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April 02, 2005



I hope the kids had fun and I know all about soccer moms part of the reason I really don't want my child playing


For Fisher's sake I'll try not to laugh too hard! :)

(I was ALWAYS center field in softball. You know how many 8 year old girls can get the ball out of center? None that I ran across. I spent the season making daisy chains and perfecting my cartwheels. "Keeping yourself occupied in center field"...an important life lesson.)


glad i found this. i know i am going to enjoy reading it. laughing really hard at the soccer description-i have so been there. haha! makes you feel so inferior as a soccer mom doesnt it? when your son wants to play tackle football instead?

and-just have to say-you are stunning. dont think i have ever seen a photo of you.

and-love the tagline on your blog splash thing.


jill (ukjillybean)

The huge smile on my face says it all!
Thanks for the laugh today :)



Welcome to soccer, LOL. I am proud to say that in 9-10 years of being a soccer mom to two boys, we have never had a team good enough to be called "mini-Peles." Though last we came close, except for the mini-part!

Have fun!


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